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Acts and Decrees of the 

Synod of Diamper 1599

For an almost complete description of the Acts and Decrees of the Synod of Diamper cf. Michael Geddes, London, 1694, probably the first English book about the Malabar Church. Hugh reproduces it in his History of Christianity in India Vol.II, 1839. The work is fully reprinted from the original 1694 copy of “The Nazranies”. i.e. Vol. I of the Indian Church History Classics, Ollur, 680306,1998, Ed. George Menachery, still available I suppose). The Jornada, Coimbra, 1606, by Gouvea gives more information on Archbishop Menezes’ travels than on the Decrees of the Synod. An English translation of the Jornada has been now published from Kochi.




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