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Staff Reporter
THRISSUR: The third volume of Saint Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India (STCEI) which is scheduled to be published shortly, throw light on various subjects including Christianity in India, Hinduism, Christianity and Sankaracharya, Shaiva Siddhantha and Islam, says George Menachery, the editor of the encyclopaedia. 

STCEI is considered an authoritative workfor reference on India in general and Christianity in particular, says Mr. Menachery.  It contains articles contributed by renowned archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, educational experts, lexicographers and biographers. The first volume of the encyclopaedia was published in April 1973 in connection with the 1900th death anniversary of Saint Thomas, the Apostle of India. 

The first volume was about the origin, growth and development of Christianity in India. 
The second volume was brought out in 1982. The Thomapedia, an enlarged millennium edition of the early volume, was also published in 2000. STCEI had been described by noted reviewers as monumental work containing significant information on India, Mr. Menachery says. 
Thousands of its copies have been sold the world over and leading libraries have subscribed to it.  [The HINDU, 3 March 2009]

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